Repair of cranes.

At the end, an unknown in advance, the term equipment comes in a malfunction. This may be parts wear, loss of the original shape and size, which increases the size of the gap, thereby breaking the item. Appliances must be repaired. Probably the most overall equipment - it lorries, trucks and cranes. Repair of cranes - it is very serious, because of improper repairs depends on the life of the operator: the person controlling the crane.
Car repair valve output must specially trained people, engineers and technical workers. It monitors the status of all crane parts and in case of failure, sends the machine for repair.

It should be noted that the wear parts is due to several reasons:

        Normal wear parts: for reasons of expiry or in the normal course.
        Premature wear - occurs at the wrong use of the machine, in violation of the rules of operation, the use of poor-quality parts from manufacturers untested.

Repairs consist of a series of actions: adjustment, replacement or restoration of the crane components, replacement of worn parts, welding cracks, dents repair, straightening tapes. Such work, of course, he does not hold the driver. It needs a holistic approach, so cranes repair involved several specialists: mechanic, welder, electrician, mechanic. Capital repairs of cranes spend on special plants where there are elevators. Here you can completely disassemble the machine, replace even the basic part of the crane, change gear. Dismantling on the details of the mechanism is carried out by a special routing. The card contains the correct sequence of disassembly mechanism, as well as which tools should be used.

Before you start the crane should be washed well to clean the dirt from the parts to be disassembled. The crane must be installed in a safe location, make sure to disconnect power. You should also drain the hydraulic fluid. The faucet details are not subject to dismantling - is cast or welded parts. Only if necessary, replacement, parts are dismantling. The crane truck repairs include the following works:

        Reducer cargo winch be disassembled.
        Check for wear and replace gears, shafts, bearings, brake discs.
        Maintenance and repair work boom.
        Service riveted connections.
        Replacing dripping oil, liquid.
        If necessary, coloring is made of parts and mechanisms.

During operation, it should be noted that the tools and capacity for working fluids must be clean, free of impurities oil or dust. The quality of repair is checked by testing the parts, sweep the machine for the repair shop. Truck Repairs must be agreed with the owner, he is held in strict accordance with technical regulations. After repairs, it compiled a special act, which describes the work carried out, and a complete list of replaced parts, as well as parts that are subjected to repair. Then it carried out a full technical inspection of the crane, and its commissioning. the technical condition of the Act is attached to the crane passport.

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