Repair of the diesel engine.

To start the repair of the diesel engine, it is important to calculate all the necessary parameters. According to the results, you can judge the deterioration of the engine and a rough estimate of the cost of repairs. Of course, before the start of repair of the engine must be removed, then it is important not to make a mistake.

The engine can be removed with a minimum expenditure of energy during disassembly, it will help him in the back set. Before removing the engine must be drained of all available liquid in it: coolant, engine oil and power steering oil. It is also possible with the removal of the engine transmission, in certain machines it is removed only after the lifting beam.
Only after these steps, and cleaning equipment from dirt and sand, you can proceed to the very dismantling. Cleared and cylinder head and fuel system, and the pistons and crankshaft, we should not forget the attachments and the cylinder head to be withdrawn completely. However, fuel injection equipment is removed separately.

The next stage - a sink. Dismantled parts must be scrutinized for the slightest cracks and irregularities in order to determine the degree of wear. For accurate results when checking the use of modern high-precision devices.
Further machining is performed, where, first of all fixed to the cylinder head microcracks. Then the right parts are inspected valve, then bore cylinder block under the appropriate dimensions. The surface of the cylinder hone scratched cross-wise to delay the oil film on the surface.

After completion of the machining parts are blown from the chip removed technical liquids. The new seals and gaskets are installed on a mandatory basis. In place of the engine is installed in reverse order.
Of course, after the cleaning and dismantling the engine, the injection angle must be adjusted. The idle speed is also subject to regulation.
After the repair of the diesel engine should definitely make it a run-in.

From the engine break-in may depend a lot, for example, his life. In the first few thousand kilometers should not be given a heavy load, do not forget to check the engine after a cold start.
Do not forget to try to see how after the dismantling of the engine increased its power, speed, technique.
For a car, for example, eighty kilometers per hour rate may be considered as a gentle, but only if the momentum is not more than two thousand. Be careful, because it is very important to break in the engine properly.
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