Repair road equipment.

Construction equipment used for laying and road repair.
Road construction - is an integral part of the functioning and development of any community. Building infrastructure usually begins with the laying of roads.
Now every year the rate of construction of all increases, laid a new highway in the city tour, but unfortunately, the quality of old paintings is deteriorating quickly due to heavy use, and therefore, needs timely repair.

For road repair using specialized heavy equipment, the type of trucks with trailers, road remonterov, scoring equipment, all kinds of cutter for cutting sutures, cleaning and filling machines, cranes, bitumovarki, Hot meal boxes for heating and storage of asphalt thermal containers for the finished asphalt compactors and many others. Technique is quite complicated, with different working principles, but unfortunately, it breaks down due to increased exploitation often enough, and it already appears neobhodimostremontirovat itself.
Basic principles of repair of road equipment.
Since the operation takes place in different techniques, including extreme conditions, in its maintenance requirements are high enough. The failure of just one piece of equipment, from a set of machines used can cause delay in the building, and hence fines and loss of money.
The most common faults relate to hydraulic actuators, engine components or electrical equipment. For correct and timely repair stout technique requires accurate diagnosis, determination of defective parts, causes of failure and hence the replacement of certain components.

Often, a team of road workers can independently determine the cause of minor faults and repair. If the malfunction cause or refusal technology refers to the failure of main parts: the transmission, engine, axles, hydraulic cylinders, or external drive, the repair must be carried out in the specially equipped workshops, with appropriate testing, inspection and replacement of defective parts and assemblies.

It is important that an organization dedicated to the repair, was in a very large range of available spare parts from different manufacturers and various assistive devices. Therefore, most of the repair and road organizations are turning to repair and maintenance of road construction machinery in certain services running
with the right suppliers of spare parts and service - on manual machines.

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