Repair of wheel loaders.

Very often in the construction and repair campaigns require transportation overall and fairly heavy materials, which are used for a variety of trucks, trailers. But then the question arises, how to immerse dimensional material on a vehicle for transportation. For this purpose, the universal self-propelled machinery - Front loaders (from the English front loader.) - View of the loader, the loaded bucket with a volume of 3 to 6 cubic meters. meters, which can sink material transport means or transport itself. If the distance is small (for example, on a construction site), the equipment can also be operated as a tug. Basically, this technique is used when there is a need to dig a pit for laying the foundation, to carry the stones, bricks, pipes, sand or other heavy building materials. In winter, often used wheel loaders for snow removal. There are models on wheels and on tracks intended for use directly in the impassable places.

But due to the fact that this type of technology has to work in difficult conditions, very often occur breakdown of attachments, various components and assemblies Loaders require a small maintenance and major, complex and time-consuming repairs. It can be as an external drive: a bucket, crane hooks, fork (for the transport of cargo), snow blowers, etc., and the internal components such as the engine, turn the bucket cylinder, rod, rocker arm, gearboxes PTO and many others . The most popular among repair - replacing the shock absorbers, springs and struts, ball joints, CV joints, repair of brake system and control unit.


Working on their own team can replace any defective part fine, but if the damage is global, it is required to send the equipment to the service, which is performed a complete inspection, computer diagnostics, replacement of necessary parts.

It should be noted that the partial repair of front-end loaders should be carried out according to the manufacturer's drawings, which will ensure quality assurance in the further exploitation. One of the biggest failures considered repair hydromechanical transmission, since it is quite time-consuming process. It starts with a repair washing and dismantling mechanism, clutch repair, primary and secondary shafts, pumps and other complex components with the replacement of worn or broken parts.

In general, construction companies, using front-end loaders have a contract with the service centers. This ensures timely repair in the short term, as there are available the necessary parts for this model, front-end loader in the warehouse, and there is no need to order the plant producer and wait for a few weeks, when will send the right part. As you know, either, not even a long delay in the construction, because of the idle equipment, resulting in missed deadlines and penalties, respectively.
Repair of front loader - a whole range of activities related to heavy equipment troubleshooting, which can only perform professional repairers with extensive experience and under-equipped production workshop.

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