Repair of the fuel equipment.

Repair of the fuel equipment - one of the most important works of the mechanic. We employ only highly qualified specialists, great experience which guarantees an excellent result. If necessary, we will contact the manufacturer for further advice on restoration work and life of parts.

Wrong to assume that the fuel system - is the only high-pressure fuel pump. In addition, this fuel injection equipment - fuel tank, fuel line and injector. Repair of the fuel equipment is impossible without a special stand, capable of regulating pumps and injectors. After all, the main enemies of the fuel system - it is dirt and water. Therefore, it is first necessary to begin with replacement of the fuel filter and the fuel tank washing. Fuel pump and injectors - it is the smallest precision parts and debris that have passed through the fuel filter, can have a negative impact on their work.

When repairing the pump, we use only certified parts and consumables, and use a special tool to adjust the pump, taking into account the necessary precision accuracy.




ir of the fuel equipment is required in the following situations, when:

    -A significant increase in fuel consumption.
    -Detected flow from the pump, ie the fuel flows from the pump housing, which may cause difficulty in starting the engine, as well as a fire in the engine compartment
    -No fuel is supplied from the pump to the nozzle
    -Rupture or converging with the timing belt sprockets, which results in that the cylinder head strike the pistons, causing the valve to bend, and often break down, may also be damaged pistons and cylinder heads
    -There were noises in the pump: when the ignition equipment continues to operate.
    -Excessive smokiness exhaust.

The nozzle has an important role in a diesel motor. That it produces fuel injection into the combustion chamber. Nozzle - is an extreme element of the fuel equipment, which is supplied with high pressure fuel. From her work in many respects depends on the internal combustion engine.
If the pressure on the injectors are handled correctly, the engine works with faults, produces black or white smoke, and sometimes the two interchangeably. White smoke occurs when the nozzle is opened later required, black - respectively, if earlier. By adjusting the angle of the injection engine not solve this problem.

To avoid many of the problems and hence the cost of repair of fuel equipment will help the regular diagnosis. At the time noticed the problem will help to make preventive maintenance and protect against serious damage the pump and the injectors of the diesel engine.