Prices for production of high pressure sleeves (HPS) and fittings.

High pressure hoses - frequently demanded consumables for hydraulic equipment. Exit standing HPS is often caused by long periods of inactivity and stop technique, destruction, and sometimes even death. Therefore, we always recommend to inspect the hose for wear, cracks or mechanical damage. Sleeveless cost you can determine from the table below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone 8-903-800-05-17 or by e-mail. It is often difficult to determine the diameter, thread type, and other important parameters of the pollution of the HPS, its wear or damage. Simply take the old hose with him, and our specialists will or will make to you is identical to the new sleeve..

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Manufacture hoses prices - contractual. For more details, please call 8-903-800-05-17