Hydraulics is simply!

So our motto sounds. We repair and diagnostics of various hydraulic equipment for over 15 years, and our experience and knowledge in the field of hydraulics allow us to say so. Yes, hydraulics repair is a complex process, which is carried out by experts with the necessary education, knowledge and skills. Every day we make repair and maintenance techniques such as excavators, cranes, trucks, presses, timber trucks, cranes, vehicles equipped with tail lifts, as well as their components and assemblies: hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders, gears and so on. During our work we have been established to supply spare parts for Russian and imported equipment. You can buy or order of auto parts and supplies for various hydraulic equipment at low prices. Individual approach to customers - it's one of our rules. On request, we deliver the goods by our own transport, carry out installation and dismantling. Payment for services is held in cash and bank transfer. At repaired hydraulic equipment is warranted to 6 months. Our team - are professionals engaged in the repair of hydraulics for many years. Our employees perform work on diagnosing, repairing, servicing your equipment in a short time, with guaranteed quality. We work with all regions of our country, as well as with all CIS countries.

The main profile of our company - Repair of hydraulics, Russian and imported road and construction machinery. Our company also provides services for repair, recovery and elimination of defects in hydraulic systems:

Before making any repairs necessary to identify the fault. Sometimes the failure is not obvious, and did not understand the unit and immediately determine which hydraulic unit is out of order - it is impossible. To identify the causes need to disassemble or connect it to special devices to determine fault. This is why, for us and there is this usluga.Nashi experts have accumulated extensive experience in these matters. You call a team of master diagnosticians directly to your place of work equipment where failure occurred. After determining the cause of the problem and coordination with you, assembly is disassembled and transported to our workshop.

In the workshop equipment are cleaned, washed and disassembled, making detailed photo that the customer can see what went wrong. Also, after disassembly and Troubleshooting hydraulic becoming evident and the circumstances that led to the failure, such as overheating, foreign objects, oil starvation, and so on.

This offer will interest developers, forestry, road services and other companies that have a relatively high technology park, one way or another connected with the hydraulics. We conclude a contract for the maintenance of machinery and periodically inspect, replace hydraulic fluids and seals, and a whole range of other measures aimed at the extension of the operation of your equipment. Entrust your fleet technology professionals, and you will no longer worry about the performance of its equipment. After all, prevention - better than any repairs, and most importantly - much cheaper.

Gidroremont Company is engaged in repair and manufacturing of various high pressure hoses (HPH). We make a standard sleeve and on order. The articles may be sleeves with different diameters and with different types of fittings, thread types. All HPH made on the import equipment by our professionals. You can be sure - HPH, ordered and purchased from us will serve you for a long time.

Here you can replace the faulty unit to work. All our new and refurbished equipment is warranted.

Gidroremont company provides our customers with services for the diagnosis and troubleshooting of fuel equipment excavators, bulldozers, mobile cranes and other equipment.

We offer repair services for engines, both petrol and diesel. We produce:

- Engine overhaul;

- Repair of engines on the fact;

We produce fingers, bushings, various inserts and other necessary parts to repair hydraulics.

- recovery shovels, excavator handles and more
-forcing frames
-welding cracks.

The company Gidroremont manufactures necessary spare parts for the repair of hydraulic equipment, as well as in our presence is always a refurbished / used spare parts and units for which we provide a guarantee.

- Production and replacement of rods of hydraulic cylinders
- Production and replacement of the liner cylinders
- Production and replacement of hydraulic cylinder piston
- Replacement lugs, pillow-block, cylinders sleeves
- Replace seals.