Repair of hydraulic cylinders.

Cylinder - this is probably the most common actuator reciprocating type. Hydraulic cylinders are used in arrows and paws excavators and cranes, to control dozer blade, agricultural, road-building and other equipment. It consists of a cylinder liner, the head, rod, piston, various seals, bushings. The main parameters which classify all cylinders - is the inner diameter of the sleeve, the diameter and length of the stroke, the rated pressure of the hydraulic oil. Also, the cylinders are divided according to the principle of work, they are:


Single-acting cylinders perform work, as the name of the classifier directed in one direction only. The reverse movement occurs without a hydraulic fluid pressure, that is, under the action of the forces of gravity or a spring, such as a hydraulic elevator. If you want to ram performs work in two directions, that is moved in and out by means of oil pressure, the hydraulic cylinders are used for bilateral actions. Such devices have two cavities (and the piston rod), in which, depending on the desired direction of force alternately pumped hydraulic fluid, and the other valve is connected to the cavity is required to drain the oil. Telescopic cylinders consist of several stages, which are nominated from each other and are used in machines and devices that require high speed, but it is impractical or impossible to use a cylinder with a long stem, for example, lifting cylinder tipper.

The most common fault of hydraulic cylinders:

    Leaking hydraulic fluid.
    Damage to the stem.
    Damage to the sleeve.

We are engaged in Troubleshooting and repair of all types of cylinders, and also can produce any hydraulic cylinders according to your drawings or samples.

Repair of hydraulic cylinders we have is from 3000 rubles, plus repair kits, or other parts (rods, sleeves, eyelets and so on).

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