Welding works.

When working on large industrial plants, factories, large building sites used massive machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, made of durable materials (mainly steel). Using this technique, performed works of varying complexity.

Breakdown of overall devices implies a fairly time-consuming process of repair. There is a need to use welding to fix defects and connection of large metal parts.
Welding is the process of obtaining a lasting permanent connection of metals and their alloys that from a physical point of view formed by the establishment of intermolecular (and atomic) connections between connected components when heated to a certain temperature. The welding process is quite complex, harmful to human health (especially respiratory and eye), but at the moment the only best option for recovery of metal structures.

Repair welding.

Most often when building special equipment is needed to make repairs restoration eyelets, pins and bushings directly fix the bucket, frames, supports, performing locksmith, turning and welding works. The main problem is the occurrence of cracks in the metal, at high power overload (especially buckets), which repair process is as follows: crack held diagnosis (determined seam location, crack depth), which occurs after cleaning, i.e. removing the old weld. This so-called preparatory phase of the work, followed by packaging the cracks around the size, the formation of holes along the edges (for further consolidation), seam welding and hardening.

Most often this type of cold work applied electric arc welding, characterized in that there is no preheating of the product and heating to a certain temperature is used only in the immediate weld location. The most vulnerable place buckets bulldozers for repair which are most often used for welding work - it is the external elements of the working edge of the device: the teeth, crowns, lifting, towing eyelet or rear and side walls.

Recovery shovels, handles, arm, strengthening frames provarkoy cracking is usually performed at specialized plants, which in addition to the troubleshooting in the construction technique is often performed replacement of worn out and no longer subject to adjustments parts. Regarding the welding, the most applicable to semiautomatic welding or gas-shielded argon and regular arc welding using a consumable electrode, which connect, as the engineering, high-alloy steel and various alloys including aluminum.

Damage to major construction equipment - it initially involves the time-consuming process of repair. This welding works are quite complex and therefore require a high quality of their implementation, monitoring, application of the most wear-resistant materials for welding and the use of appropriate modern welding equipment.

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