Repair manipulators.

ремонт манипуляторовManipulative equipment needed for loading and unloading. It can be mounted on trucks, special equipment or installed permanently. Loads are captured by special devices, and for different goods used different types of seizures, monipulyatora cranes.

Such packing technology - an advanced technology for high-quality loading and transportation of goods of various types. Very often - it's trucks and buses. manipulator Work versatility allows to minimize manual labor for loading and unloading and reduce the cost of human resources, respectively, and the price of transportation. Cranes can be replaced, and many other special equipment for loading. And for the loading and unloading of goods of average weight manipulators are essential.

Therefore, this equipment is used on construction sites and storage facilities. Sometimes, cranes used in complex accidents, instead of the usual tow.
For the reliability of the structures of manipulators, they are developed with the help of modern computer programs. In addition, for the production of manipulators only high quality materials are used, and then the products are subjected to numerous tests. Accordingly, manufacturers offer a guarantee on products for 10-15 years. A distinctive feature - it's simple manipulator.

ремонт манипуляторовMounting the manipulator is carried out for the truck cab or behind the body.

But this is a special-purpose two types of equipment: a crane and a truck. Therefore, especially the repair of such equipment is quite specific. It must be remembered that the installed valve, reduces the load by 20-25%. This figure is not so great that the transport could not transport goods, although it is necessary to consider if the loads are too heavy.

ремонт манипуляторовUsually repairs to truck mounted crane working man. He runs a crane and a truck driver. So, such a person should know all the features of both types of equipment, in a timely manner to prevent damage that can be associated with overheating oil and "boiling of" the system. In addition, the electrical installation can occur circuit boards and burnout. This kind of failure are eliminated quickly with timely replacement of failed components.

Company Gidroremont specialists engaged in repair of truck mounted cranes: commissioning works grapple slewing device boom (removal and lifting), extension of the telescope, as well as outrigger, because such elements are subjected to heavy loads during operation manipulators carrying out works and require special attention.

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Work will be carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time.