Repair of excavator engines.

Repair of excavators and other construction equipment is quite expensive. Therefore, compliance with the maintenance periods, as well as operating conditions will prolong the life of equipment and reduce the cost of its maintenance. The heart of any technology is the engine. It provides the performance of the whole machine, and its failure leads to the inability to use the equipment.

Excavator mounted diesel engines, as they have proven themselves over many years of work. Diesel engines chosen for the opportunity to work in the most severe climatic conditions, for maximum power with minimum issued by fuel consumption and, of course, for a long service life without the need for technical work.

However, diesel engines do not last forever, and thus with them periodically breakage occur. Most often this occurs because of the untimely replacement of fluids and lubricating oil filter. Changing the oil twice a year, in the off-season should occur. In late replacement of oil products friction parts against each other to accumulate in the oil clog the filter, and the crude oil starts to circulate on the internal combustion engine, friction deforming the surface of the parts. In continuous operation under these conditions the engine will rise, which will lead to a serious repair.

One of the most common problems leading to the need to repair the engine of the excavator is improper use. Excessive load often incapacitate the valve-piston group. The same damage can result in ignorance of elementary special equipment operator control rules.

Another weak point of any internal combustion engine is a fuel injection system. More power with low fuel consumption - a result of the electronic control unit and injectors. When using low-quality fuel nozzle from the fuel supply to the foreign particles are deformed. As a result, power loss, uneven engine performance, increase fuel consumption and so on.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the excavator engine should:

    in a timely manner to carry out maintenance
    according to the rules twice a year, change the oil, together with the oil filter
    make timely replacement of hydraulic fluids
    is regulated by changing the fuel filter
    carry out statutory replacement transmission belts

But if all the same there was a nuisance, and the engine broke down, we can offer you repair the engine excavators. Our professionals have extensive experience and work with professional equipment. All work will be carried out with great care and with strict observance of the regulations of the manufacturer. After we repair the heart of your excavator will work smoothly and without interruption.

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