Repair of petrol engines.

It is difficult to imagine our life without a car. And despite the new technologies introduced as active, the main fuel is gasoline and, accordingly, the main element in the device of the machine, all also remains a gasoline engine. In a general sense, the gasoline engine belongs to the class of internal combustion engines in which power generation, resulting in movement of the device occurs due to the combustion of the fuel mixture in the cylinders, flammable due to an electrical spark.

Motor power control is done by regulating the flow of air entering the cylinders with the gasoline. Different petrol engines for the method of forming a mixture of gasoline and air, the number and arrangement of cylinders, the method of product cycle work, etc., which is why they are also different applications and operating conditions.

Therefore, you must be aware of the possible malfunctions that, in the event of breakage, it was possible to diagnose the cause as soon as possible.
Fault location can be easily detected by small changes in the operation of the engine, for example, when there are any sounds, increase in the average fuel consumption, and sometimes oil, possible smoke, startup problems, and many others.

Often, when serious issues need to make major repairs, that is to contact the service center, where, or totally replaced the engine, or there is a replacement key work items. But, oddly enough, often require small repairs with replacement of worn parts, disrupt the normal operation of the petrol engine.
The main stages in the repair are, first of all, full diagnostics (usually a computer), the definition of defective components as well as the degree of wear of all engine components. After that is done with the lifting device of the petrol engine, replacing the necessary components to the original setting place and therefore testing efficiency.
Most often in the repair of petrol engines need to eliminate fuel system fault, replacement of pistons (at least - the piston rings), replacement of fuel, oil, air filters, lubrication of engine parts, repair of electrical ignition system. The degree of wear and, consequently, and the complexity of the repair depends directly from the manufacturer, rather the quality of the motor assembly (and the quality of the individual components) and, of course, from the path of the car, in which the configuration and petrol engines are used.

The cost of repair on the price of a new engine, is negligible, but there may be a problem with the availability of the necessary components, such as cylinder block, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head or attachments. After performing the required repair and replacement of parts is greatly improved performance gasoline engine, namely increased power, reduced exhaust emissions and fuel consumption is reduced.

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