Hydraulics diagnostics.

Diagnosis - is a troubleshooting and possible reasons that there was one or another failure.

The main task of diagnosis is safety, functional reliability and efficiency of hydraulic equipment, as well as reducing the cost of its maintenance and reduction of losses from downtime due to malfunction and premature repair of the hydraulic unit.
Diagnosing technical objects includes the following functions:
• Evaluation of the technical condition of the facility;
• Detection and localization of the fault location;
• prediction of residual life of the object.

In the diagnostic process to remove and regulated by the technical parameters (pressure in the system, and so on), determined the excess drains and leakage of worn units, inspected metal, if possible, eliminated minor faults (cleaning valve). The diagnostics results are recommendations to address the problems.

The diagnosis does not include: repair, replacement of hydraulic equipment, assembly, disassembly, assembly, disassembly, components and assemblies.

With the agreement or at the request of the customer engineer diagnostician (if possible) can deliver and replace the necessary parts for an additional charge. This allows our customers to save on transportation costs, maintenance costs and repair hydraulic systems, delivery times of spare parts and consumables, as well as reduces the unregulated idle equipment. We are doing everything possible to raise the level of services provided at the highest level, with particular emphasis on the technical equipment of service.

It must be remembered that the arrival of the adjuster technique should be complete, working on her service must be at the workplace, thus it will facilitate and speed up workflow and to avoid unnecessary difficulties and idle equipment.
Diagnosis, made competent expert - to save you time, and hence your finances.
diagnostic cost depends on the type of equipment and of where it is located.

     Excavators: 8500 rubles diagnostics + 10 rubles per kilometer of road.
     Crane, crane, forklift 7500 rubles diagnostics + 10 rubles per kilometer of road.

Prices for the diagnosis and are valid for mileage in the city of Tver and the Tver region, other regions - negotiated price.

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