Today widely used different buses. It is used in agriculture, construction, for transport, forestry, road construction and many other industries. The cost of both domestic and foreign machinery is very high, and, in case of failure of the hydraulic elements, not always rational order original parts from the manufacturer's plant, a much more economical to manufacture them, in ordering metalworking enterprise, which is engaged in it professionally. The cost of production of the fingers, bushings, and other parts needed for the repair of hydraulics will be much cheaper than a similar order parts from the factory of the manufacturer, the quality remains high.

Metal - is a complex high-tech process by which the application of different mechanisms and physico-chemical processes of change in the shape and size of the metal. The result is a necessary item that meets the needs of the customer and meets all the requirements of guests. To achieve the desired goals in the production process is used several methods: casting, metal forming, machining and welding of metals.


Casting is used mainly for the production of sleeves and liners. They are made of bronze would be best, as this material makes them strong enough without voids and cavities and extended use. When the metal forming deformation produced using desired shape and size of the future part. This method is an intermediate and is used primarily to produce preforms that are subsequently processed further.

Mechanical restoration.

Machining - is the main type of work, which is used in the manufacture of parts. With this processing using special mechanisms preform takes the necessary shape and volume. Basically, this process is automated, which allows for very accurate results and eliminate possible defects.

Welding materials.

Welding of materials is only used where necessary to obtain parts which are interconnected by a continuous one-piece seal. This type of metal processing, too, basically, an intermediate and not used very often.

Since all types of work that are performed on special equipment, it is very dangerous, it should be OK and needs constant maintenance. Repair and maintenance of this equipment should only be performed by highly qualified specialists, to prevent accidents and injuries. The use of metal working our experts serving specialized equipment will significantly reduce the cost of all repairs, and while guaranteeing the high quality of the work mechanisms and hydraulic units.

The level of modern technology will provide the reliability and high quality of all parts, as well as their operational and production replacement. Your equipment will not be idle while waiting for the necessary spare parts will come from the factory. This will save you time, reduce the cost of repair of equipment and increase productivity.

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